Preparing Time For Daily Devotions

In a society where millions of “things’’ are trying to catch your attention, setting time aside for God can actually be quite a challenge.

I know for myself, having a wife, a job and a newborn baby is a challenge in itself. And now you add my time with God into the mix and it seems like the most impossible task known to man.

I used to get so frustrated when I was getting into bed at the end of the day and had not even opened my bible, let alone written my thoughts on a piece of paper. I remember one day in 2018 I had had enough. I decided to brainstorm some ideas on why Devotions were always on the back burner and what I can do to change all of this.

Here are a few tips on how you can prepare yourself to do a devotional;

  1. Set a time: Daily routines are so important and setting time aside is a must! Waking up knowing you have a time in your day where you will remove distractions and spend time with God is a crucial way to having an effective devotional. You might be an early riser and 7 am is a great time in your day to sit down for 5 minutes, or you’re a night owl and 9 pm is the best time. Have a think and give it a go!
  2. Choose a Structure: Structures aren’t everyone’s choice but having a “template” or a way of doing your devotions can keep your mind engaged in what you’re reading or writing about. For me, I use SOAP (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) to really get me asking questions about God’s word and how I can apply it to my life.
  3. Make it enjoyable: Reading God’s word is to be enjoyed not endured. Make sure you find your own way to do your daily devotions. Try different devotion structures and find one that fits you.

Now you give it a go. Follow these 3 simple steps and see your time with God grow immensely

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