As a Mobile App, we are continuously bringing out new features to better enhance your experience. We have compiled some questions that will help you better understand Church Notes and use all of its capabilities. 

Frequently asked questions


What is Church Notes’ privacy policy?

How do I create an account?

Download Church Notes App, and sign up using either Google, Apple or Email.


What is SOAP?

1. SOAP is a bible & journaling method that helps structure your devotional. Scripture - This can be a chosen verse by yourself or Verse of the Day. Read the verse and ask God what he wants to speak to you through this verse. 2. Observation - Meditate on what God might be saying in this verse. What do you see in the verses that you’re reading? Who is the audience? Is there a repetition of words? What words stand out to you? 3. Application - What is God saying to me today? How can I apply what I just read to my own personal life? What changes do I need to make? Is there an action that I need to take? 4. Prayer - Pray about God’s Word. If He has revealed something to you during this time in His Word, pray about it.

What is a Sermon?

A sermon is also known as a word that a preacher has delivered, or a teaching or a lesson from someone who has studied the Word of God. Writing notes is so important to help you retain the information that is being shared with you. And when it comes to sharing God’s word, the more you learn about God’s word the more you grow in your love for him.

What is Personal Devotion?

Personal Devotion is where you can create your own style of devotion. You can start by typing out a bible verse, then type in your devotion.

How do I save my notes?

Don’t worry, Church Notes automatically saves all of your notes to your account.

Can I delete notes?

You can click on My Devotions/My Sermons and swipe right on the note. Click the red delete button.

How do I share my notes with Friends?

When you’re viewing a note you should see a share button at the top right of the note. Click this button and select how you would like to share your note.

Auto Verse

How do I use Auto-Verse?

To use Auto-Verse, simply type a Bible Verse into your notes and press space on your keyboard.

Can I add multiple Bible verses to my note?

If you want to insert multiple verses, simply put a dash between the verse range. For Example, John 3:16-18

What Bible Translation is used with Church Notes?

Currently we use English Standard Version (ESV) and have plans to integrate more translations as we grow.

Reach out

I’m struggling to understand a particular part of Church Notes

If you email us at, we can talk you through how to use Church Notes via email, phone, or video.

I have a question!

Great! Reach out to us at and we will get back to you ASAP.

What if I want to learn more about reading the bible and taking notes?

That’s great, head over to our blog and read our weekly posts!

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