Church Notes is forever introducing new features

We are still in our Beta Phase but below are some great features that in the pipe line.

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All Devices

Take great notes on any device.

Church Notes will allow you to take notes on Mobile, Tablet & Web. This feature will immensely enhance your experience.

Bible Translations

Change Scripture Bible Translation in your notes.

When Note-Taking, this feature will allow you to change the translation to follow the sermon exactly or have a greater understanding of God's word.


Add tags to any note within Church Notes

Church Notes tag feature allows you to easily organize all of your notes. Whether it's your notes at Church or your devotionals, adding tags is an easy way to sort through your notes.


Search through all of your notes

Being able to search through all of your notes allows you to quickly reach the text you need. Church Notes allows you to search by Tags, Scripture or any text that is featured within your note.

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