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Church Notes

A Bible Note-Taking App

Taking Notes at Church and Creating Daily Devotions. Using this Bible Reading App and Sermon App will simplify your walk with God!

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Experience easy Note-Taking with Church Notes


Write detailed Notes at Church

Stay engaged in a sermon with Church Notes. Using Church Notes allows you to stay focus on the preacher and take comprehensive notes!

Auto Verse

Quick Notes at Church

Insert Bible Verses into your notes by using Auto Verse. Type out the Bible verse, tap space, and watch the verse automatically appear.


Build Great Habbits

Use Church Notes to take notes for your devotions. Learn more about God's word each day and reflect on your thoughts.

Church Notes empowers Christians around the world to take notes at Church and grow closer to God through his word

Church Notes was founded out of a personal revelation about taking detailed Bible Notes in Church. We wanted to create a Mobile App that could remove distractions and allow people around the world to focus more on God's word. We are committed to seeing more people every day learn more about the bible and grow in their faith. 

In a society where millions of “things’’ are trying to catch your attention, setting time aside for God and His word can be challenging. Diving deep into our daily devotions or taking notes at church might not always be our focus, meaning that we can miss out on what God is trying to say to us through His scriptures.


What we have discovered over the years is that the right tool for Bible Note-Taking has not been yet discovered. Now it’s true that you can download some great Bible Reading and General Note-Taking apps, but none of these apps simply integrate God’s word with Note-Taking.

Church Notes features are forever expanding and evolving. We are proud to offer our Beta version and allow Christians to test out the potential Church Notes has. We are excited for what God has in the future of Church Notes and to see this project turn into reality.

Mission Statement

Build Tools and Resources to Promote The Gospel Of Jesus Christ

Church Notes