Stay engaged and take quick notes at Church using Auto Verse.

Get started and save hours in Note-Taking

Save Time

Insert Bible Verses into your Notes

No need to copy and paste from others apps. Church Notes allows you to type out a Bible Verse, tap space, and watch it appear in your notes.

Multiple Verse

Insert several verses into your notes at once

Whether you're taking notes at Church or writing down a Bible thought. Simple, Add a dash to the end of your bible verse to insert a range of verses.

Bible Translation

All Bible Translations

Use the best Bible Translations in your notes. Church Notes Premium comes with NKJV, KJV & ESV


How do I use Auto-Verse?

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To use Auto-Verse, simply type a Bible Verse into your notes and press space on your keyboard.

Can I add multiple Bible Verses to my note?

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If you want to insert multiple verses, simply put a dash between the verse range. For Example, John 3:16-18

What Bible Translation can I use?

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Church Notes Premium offers NIV, NKJV, KJV & ESV! Basic Plan comes with ESV

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