Church Notes was founded in March 2020 with a passion to help other Christians grow in their faith and their knowledge of the Bible. We had the idea to create a Bible Note Taking app but capitalized on the global lockdown to upskill ourselves and learn how to code a mobile app. Church Notes Note-Taking features were the key to making this a success, that's why we partnered with Crossway in July 2020 to integrate English Standard Version Bible translation into Church Notes. We launched Church Notes IOS Beta in October 2020, and Android Beta in January 2021. 

At Church Notes, we are strong believers in creating tools that can help individuals grow in their spiritual walk. Church Notes has a global vision to reach anyone and everyone with access to modern technology, connecting them closer to Christ and his word.

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Our Story


Founder of Church Notes


Tom is the CEO & Founder of Church Notes. Tom has been in ministry for 7 years now and has a passion for discipleship and people coming to know Christ. Tom had the idea for Church Notes from a personal revelation about taking notes in Church. Having always struggled with note-taking, being distracted, and the current technology we have, he decided to pursue the idea to help others not have to go through the same struggle. 

Church Notes