Church Notes Bible reader allows you to dive deep into God's word!

Read the word of God and create devotions from any verse!

Bible Reader

Create a Devotion from any Bible verse

Did you have a thought whilst reading the Bible in Church Notes? Tap on the verse that was speaking to you and the App will take you to our devotion page where you can store all your notes and thoughts. This means, all your Bible reading notes can be stored in one place.

Book Selector

Choose from any book of the bible

From within the Bible reader you can choose to change to any book of the Bible by a simple tap on the current book at the top of the Bible Reader page. From there, select your new book of choice and it will automatically take you there, making it a simple and easy Bible reading experience.

Go Back and Reflect

Swipe to change chapter

To continue reading a chapter of the Bible or return to a previous chapter, just swipe left or right from the Bible reader, and the new chapter will appear for you.

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