Best Bible Apps for Smart Devices: iOS & Android Bible Apps

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. In fact, it’s estimated that over 5 billion copies have been sold since its release. And with good reason! The Bible is packed full of wisdom and guidance for living a good life. But what if you don’t have a physical copy of the Bible? Or what if you’re traveling and don’t want to lug your heavy Bible around with you? That’s where Bible apps come in!

iOS & Android Bible App

With the trending use of smartphones, there seems to be an app for every aspect of human lives even indulging in religious learning. In this blog, we are answering the most asked question, What is a good bible app for Android and iPhone? ​

There are a number of great Bible apps that you can use on your Android or iPhone device. Whether you’re interested in studying religious texts like the Holy Bible or want to have God’s Word wherever you go, there’s an app for you! Here are 10 of our favorites:​

1. Church Notes: Bible Note-Taking
Church Notes is a great Bible note-taking app that is perfect for both Web, Android and iPhone devices. With Church Notes, you can easily take notes on Bible verses, highlights, and devotions. You can also share your notes with other Church Notes users and access them online.
- Auto Verse: Easily insert Bible Verses in your notes just by typing it out.
- Bible Reader: Read through God's word and create a devotion in a tap.
- Sermon Note: Take notes whilst in Church and have all of your bible notes neatly organized.
- S.O.A.P Devotions: Church Notes comes with a great devotion template to allow you to study further into God's word.

2. Bible: YouVersion
The Bible: YouVersion app is one of the most popular Bible apps available. It’s easy to use and has a number of great features, including:
- A search function that allows you to find specific verses or topics
- A daily Bible reading plan to help you stay on track

3. Space Culture
Space Culture is a prayer and meditation app designed to help you grow in your relationship with God. Comes with Audio meditation to help you spend time listening to God's word.

Offering over 800+ languages, is a free study app that helps you connect further with God.
- Dramatized scripture
- Search Passages & Scriptures
- Look up keywords, book names or specific verse.

5. Spark Bible App
The Spark Bible App is an interactive Bible study app that provides users with access to popular pastors and scholars from around the world. With this app, you can explore the Bible in a variety of ways, including reading, watching videos, and listening to audio recordings.
- Simple Design
- Comprehensive resource library
- Free App

We hope you enjoyed our best bible apps for smart devices! These apps are a great way to stay connected to the Bible and grow in your faith. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Bible scholar, there’s an app for you!​

Want to dive deeper into studying God's word? Sign up to Church Notes and try it for free and see how Church Notes can help you stay engaged with the Bible.