Do I have to take notes at Church?

A question we have all asked ourselves whilst on this journey. Really? What is the benefit of taking notes whilst listening to a Sermon, a podcast or even doing a Bible Devotion?

Here are 6 reasons why taking notes benefits you and your learning!

  1. Engages your Mind: When listening to a sermon or a podcast, taking notes whilst listening gets your brain involved in what is being said, as you write it down.
  2. Stops your brain trying to remember everything: When your mind’s swarming with thoughts and bible verses, writing them down helps you reduce your cluttered thoughts.
  3. Emphasises and organizes information. As you take notes, you’ll decide on and highlight the key ideas you hear. This way you won’t be writing down everything the speaker says, instead of writing down ideas & thoughts that stand out to you personally.
  4. Easier to reference: We’ve all been there; you’re having a conversation about the sermon and you forget the specific verse or a point they made. Having it written down on your phone is quick and easy to look back to your notes.
  5. Application.  We all want to become more like Christ in our walk with God.  So having a point of reference in a note-taking app will guide and help you apply it to your life.
  6. Mediation.  Meditating on God’s word will help you develop your thoughts and mind towards Christ.  “ Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. ... Romans 12:2, KJV:”

If you start taking notes over the next year, you’ll be quick to notice the fruit that you gain from note-taking. Have a go today at writing some notes around a bible verse you are reading and you'll realise how deeper your thoughts can go around God’s word.

Want to learn more ways you can take better notes at Church? Download Church Notes and try it for free and see how Church Notes can help you stay engaged at Church.

Discover a new way to take notes at Church
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