What is a Devotional?

This word is familiar to us all but we might actually not know what it means. Or even know how to do a “Devotional”.

In essence, a devotional is a time set aside for daily prayer and meditation. Most people's devotionals look like writing a short & inspiring thought around God’s word, usually a specific Verse of the bible.  

Just like Jesus did, we use this time to read God’s Word & pray, and ultimately apply God’s word to our lives.

“Early in the morning, while it was still dark, he rose up and went out, and departed into a deserted place, and prayed there.” - Mark 1:35

Now there surely has to be a benefit to doing devotions right? Absolutely, here are some major benefits I’ve found whilst being on this faith journey;

Read like a Tortoise or Hare

Go at your own pace! You have so much freedom when it comes to doing devotions. The main goal of doing devotionals is to grow closer to Christ and to get a better understanding of what God’s word is saying.

Daily & Consistent

I know every know again life can happen but getting in a routine of doing your devotional helps your focus in life be on Christ! You know yourself better than anyone so this can be whatever works for you. Using Church Notes can set you in a great routine every day.


What are you going to read? There are thousands of devotional resources out there that you can use to help you know what you’re going to be reading. My first devotional plan was a 365 Devotional book that I bought online, every morning I would read the verse for that day and create a devotional from that.

This all might seem like a lot, or maybe this comes easy for you, but don’t worry either way. Just by reading this, you’re clearly wanting to move forward on your bible studies and taking baby steps towards that is the best start!

Learn simple ways to write devotions by downloading Church Notes for free and see how Church Notes devotional templates can help you keep on track.

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