Church Notes is forever introducing new features

We are excited to introduce more and more features every month!

All Devices
All Devices - Launched

Take great notes on any device

Church Notes will allow you to take notes on any device. Mobile, Tablet & Web. This feature will immensely enhance your experience

Bible Translations - Launched

Change Scripture Bible Translations in your notes

When Note-Taking, this feature will allow you to change the translation to follow the sermon exactly how it's preached.

Bible Translation

All Bible Translations

Use the best Bible Translations in your notes. Church Notes Premium comes with NIV, NKJV, KJV & ESV


How do I use Auto-Verse?

To use Auto-Verse, simply type a Bible Verse into your notes and press space on your keyboard.

Can I add multiple Bible Verses to my note?

If you want to insert multiple verses, simply put a dash between the verse range. For Example, John 3:16-18

What Bible Translation can I use?

Church Notes Premium offers NIV, NKJV, KJV & ESV! Basic Plan comes with ESV

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