Church Notes: Growing closer to God with international students.

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Explore faith with us! ChurchBulletin.

Church Note-taking for Internationals

Church Notes helps international students revolutionize their Bible study with intuitive and customizable note-taking features.

Discover Faith. Embrace Community.

Discover and deepen your connection with God with Church Notes, a Bible note-taking app designed for international students on their journey of faith. Rekindle your faith with the tools and resources provided to help you explore and grow in your knowledge of God.

International Students: Church Bulletin

Connect with a diverse, global faith community through Church Notes, an online platform designed specifically for international students to share their spiritual journeys and find support. Explore meaningful conversations and gain encouragement from members of the Church Notes community.

Spiritual Growth for Internationals

Explore God's Word with our powerful Bible Reader feature, allowing you to tailor your scripture study experience to your unique spiritual journey. Unlock a profound understanding of God's teachings and cultivate a closer relationship with Him through a personalized exploration of His Word.

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