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Church Notes as a Spirit Notes alternative

The Ultimate Bible Note-Taking App

We are the perfect alternative to Spirit Notes, ensuring users get all the benefits of bible note-taking without any of the hassle.

With Church Notes, you will never miss a word or verse again.

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Why Church Notes over Spirit Notes?

Church Notes gives you the all in one platform to take better Bible & Church Notes.
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Spirit Notes

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Competitive Pricing

Church Notes

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Limitless possibilites
Unlimited Notes
Auto Verse
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Bible Reader
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Devotion & Sermon Note Taking
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Simple, yet powerful

Insert Bible Verse's into your note just by typing the verse

Write detailed Notes at Church

Stay engaged in a sermon with Church Notes. Using Church Notes allows you to stay focused on the preacher and take comprehensive notes!

Church Notes Bible Translations

Easy organization

Organise your Sermons and Devotions and have them all in one app!

iOS and Android Devices

Bible Reader

Read the word of God and create devotions from any verse!

Verse Of The Day

Study a different word everyday and create daily devotions.

Why Church Notes is the Best Alternative to Spirit Notes

What features does Church Notes offer?

Detailed note taking

Have you ever been to a church and had trouble finding your notes? Church Notes is the perfect bible app for anyone who's always struggling with staying focused during their time of worship. The interface on this lightweight, portable device makes taking all necessary information easy - so much easier than before!

Auto Verse

The perfect way to keep up with your Sermon is by adding Bible verses in between notes. Church Notes Auto Verse offers many different translations so you're always prepared for anything!

Devotion Templates

Unlike any other study resource, Church Notes includes S.O.A.P Devotion Template so you can dive deeper into God's word and connect more with Him!

Discover the better way to take notes at Church

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What our users say

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I love everything about this app!

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What Our Users Say - TechOS X Webflow Template


Play Store

For so many years I have been looking for an app like this.
But this one have given more than expected. Thank you so much....wish I can give more than 5★. I recommend this app to everyone

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App Store

You’ll Never use another app for note taking. Revolutionised the note-taking game. Beautifully designed and easy to use.

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App Store

Really nice app, auto-verse feature works perfectly!

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App Store

The auto-verse function is a game changer! Before, using the phone to take church notes was only a down grade from paper. But in church, the pastors go through the verses very quickly, which means you don't take in the scriptures very well.

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Play Store

One of best bible notes app, great church note solution. Great Job!

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Play Store

Wow... This app is amazing.I love it especially automatically fetching a verse by simply typing it. My search is over for a note taking app. Wow. Thank you very much to the team. God bless you.....

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App Store

Very nicely integrated with my SermonI started using the app today and was pleasantly surprised to see how it is able to find scriptures and add them to my sermon notes automatically as I take notes.


What is Church Notes?

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Church Notes is a Bible Note-Taking App that allows you to take notes in Church and write down your devotional thoughts. Read the bible and study more of God's word!

Why is it important to take Notes at Church?

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Sermon Notes is extremely important when it comes to engaging with the sermon you're listening to. Taking Notes helps you stay engaged with the preacher and reflect on what was spoken. With Church Notes, you can go back in at anytime and reflect on the Word of God.

What features do Church Notes offer?

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Church Notes offers a range of features that allow you to connect further with the word of God! The main feature is Auto Verse, you no longer have to copy verse from other apps into your notes. With Auto Verse you can just type out a verse, tap space and that verse will appear in your notes!

What is a devotional?

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The main purpose of a devotional is to encourage your growth spiritually. With God's word we can live our lives to the fullest and be encouraged on a daily basis. Church Notes allows you to read the Bible, have a daily verse and write down your thoughts!

How do you take notes in Church?

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Using Church Notes is a great way to take notes in Church! With it's range of features, from Auto-Verse to Verse of the day, you can get the most out of God's word

How do I use Auto-Verse?

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To use Auto-Verse, simply type a Bible Verse into your notes and press space on your keyboard.

Can I add multiple Verse's to my note?

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If you want to insert multiple verses, simply put a dash between the verse range. For Example, John 3:16-18

What is S.O.A.P Devotion?

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SOAP is a bible & journaling method that helps structure your devotional.

1. Scripture - This can be a chosen verse by yourself or Verse of the Day. Read the verse and ask God what he wants to speak to you through this verse.

2. Observation - Meditate on what God might be saying in this verse. What do you see in the verses that you’re reading? Who is the audience? Is there a repetition of words? What words stand out to you?

3. Application - What is God saying to me today? How can I apply what I just read to my own personal life? What changes do I need to make? Is there an action that I need to take?

4. Prayer - Pray about God’s Word. If He has revealed something to you during this time in His Word, pray about it.

What is a Sermon?

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A sermon is also known as a word that a preacher has delivered, or a teaching or a lesson from someone who has studied the Word of God.

Writing notes is so important to help you retain the information that is being shared with you. And when it comes to sharing God’s word, the more you learn about God’s word the more you grow in your love for him.

What is a Personal Devotion?

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Personal Devotion is where you can create your own style of devotion. You can start by typing out a bible verse, then type in your devotion.

How do I save my notes with Church Notes?

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Don’t worry, Church Notes automatically saves all of your notes to your account.

Can I delete notes?

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You can click on My Devotions / My Sermons and swipe right on the note. Click the red delete button. 

Accidentally deleted your note? No worries, Church Notes keeps your deleted notes for 30 days!

Can I create a devotion from the Bible reader?

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Yes! Tap on any verse and click 'Create Devotion'

How do I hide the Verse of the Day widget?

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Head to Profile and click on 'Verse of the day'. Within here you can toggle the widget on or off!

How do I share my notes with Friends?

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When you’re viewing a note you should see a share button at the top right of the note. Click this button and select how you would like to share your note.

Can I edit the date of a Sermon Note?

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Yes, click edit in your note and tap on the date!